Water and wastewater treatment projects / Rural Electrification / Poles street lighting / Transmission lines / Water and wastewater treatment projects / Rural Electrification / Poles street lighting / Transmission lines


Transmission Line & Rural Electrification

Jericho Group has been a top transmission line provider that has facilitated rural electrification. We’ve played a crucial role in various development projects across rural Africa, installing transmission lines to transport electricity from power generation stations to remote regions and rural areas.

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Street Lighting

At Jericho Group, we specialize in providing high-quality street lighting solutions for both African urban and rural areas. Our services include constructing, installing, and maintaining various lighting systems, such as LED lights, traditional streetlights, highway lights, navigation lighting systems, and intelligent lighting systems.

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Water Treatment

At Jericho Group, we provide top-notch water treatment infrastructure and facilities for industrial and commercial sectors. Our team is skilled in designing, installing, and maintaining water treatment plants while also constructing various water treatment facilities that align with the sustainability goals of the country and the organization we serve.

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Road Construction

Jericho Group Ltd supports development projects in Africa by offering road construction services for urban and rural areas. Our services include designing, planning, supplying raw materials and equipment, constructing high-quality roads, and maintaining.

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Solar Power

Jericho Group Ltd is committed to eco-friendly initiatives and renewable energy. For the last decade, we have steadily progressed in solar energy to reduce carbon emissions and help clients realize solar power’s potential. We provide infrastructure and supplies to build solar panels in commercial and industrial centers.

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Jericho Group is a privately held entity, running its operations from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The company, has related companies in Angola, Rwanda, Mauritius & Dubai

Jericho is a trading and procurement services company specialising in raw materials that cater to the construction industry. The company also provides highly specialized technical skills and high level management services to entities in the construction industry.

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