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Milbridge Holidng SA

Founded in Luanda Angola in 2005, Milbridge Holding group is comprised of three business units: Milbridge Steel, Milbridge Cables and Milbridge Paint. With a commercial presence in most regions of Angola and several neighboring countries, MH sets itself apart by offering practical, sustainable solutions- through excellent service and integrity in all its conduct.

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Mark Cables FZE

Mark Cables FZE is a Cable Manufacturer processing both Copper and Aluminium Rods as input raw material to produce wire and cable as finished product. We are located in Jebel Ali Freezone Dubai – UAE.

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Primeplast Luanda, Angola

Primeplast Manufactures plastic products in two main categories i.e. construction plastic products such as PVC pipes and domestic use products such as tables, cups, plates, chairs, e.t.c. Primeplast started operations in 2014 and is the leading plastics manufacture in Angola in its product's category. Currently, the company has over 600 SKUs

Afriprecast – Rwanda

Afriprecast Ltd is Rwanda’s first precast concrete factory. The company manufactures concrete production through a precast concrete process at its Masaka location in Kigali, Rwanda. Afriprecast produces concrete columns, beams, walls, pre-stressed slabs, facades and other special precast elements. The company also erects structures and also takes on contracts to finish construction projects.